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Expert DNA Testing - San Diego Paternity Testing

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Paternity testing is a direct relationship test that confirms the biological DNA inheritance between mother father and child.  See which is right for you.

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Relationship testing will answer the questions as to who is related and who is not.  You can discover the direct family relationships with no bias.  Science is the key.

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Talk with the Experts and we will put you on the right path to discovering the information you are looking for.  Learn about us and our values and ethics.

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Expert Drug Testing, Inc – A DNA Service Provider

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your service provider for quality DNA testing services with exceptional value. Expert Drug Testing, Inc. has been providing DNA testing services for over eight years.

Our knowledgebase includes both court admissible information as well relationship testing in various and complex scenarios. We encourage you to read more on the variety of ways in which DNA testing has proven to be a valuable tool to many people. It has answered questions that could not have been proven otherwise. DNA is a part of us all. Using complex scientific lab processes has enabled us to achieve valuable information that is accurate to an accuracy level of unprecedented times.


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