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Paternity Test – Yes or No – 99.999% Accurate

What is a Paternity test?

A paternity test is a DNA test that is performed to determine if a particular man is the biological father of a particular child.

A paternity test is a laboratory biological test that compares the child’s DNA to the potential fathers DNA to see if there is a direct relationship between the two.  When doing a direct relationship test results will yield a strong 99.999 percent of probably that you are related.  When the relationship is not there the level of probably is a 0.000.  There is nothing to interpret.  A YES or NO is clearly communicated on all of our results.

As part of our process we like to include the mother.  Why?

When you include the mothers DNA you get the highest possible values.  It allows the inclusion and exclusion of information so that all of the DNA material coding accounted for and you know who’s is who’s.

What does it legally mean?

Establishing paternity means being declared the legal father after the child is born. If the parents of a child were not married when the mother became pregnant or when the child was born, the child does not have a legal father until paternity is established.

Establishing paternity is important for both the child and the parents. A child is entitled to the sense of belonging and identity that comes from knowing both parents. Establishing paternity often has an important emotional and psychological benefit for the child.

Until there is a determination that a biological father is the legal father, the child has no right to receive financial support from the father, to
inherit from the father or to obtain insurance, veterans’, social security or other benefits through the father.

Likewise, until paternity is legally established, the biological father has no legal rights to the child, such as parenting time with the child, or
participation in major decisions about the child, such as medical treatment, education or religious training.

Fast, Easy and Painless Sample Collection

The sample collection process is easy and a painless process that process that can be performed in the privacy of your own home, or at our office in Mission Valley San Diego or at a scheduled location somewhere close to you.  We are national, our ability to work at any location throughout the United States.

A clean buccal swab (similar to a Q-Tip) is placed and rubbed in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then placed into an envelope.  The sample is mailed overnight via Fed-Ex Overnight to our laboratory for analysis were results will be available in 2-3 days.

Three Easy Steps………

  1. Visit our Office
  2. Collect Sample
  3. Receive Results

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