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Siblingship Test Answers – Are you full brothers and or full sisters? Or perhaps half sisters or half brothers?

Siblingship DNA testing is making a determination if you are biologically DNA similar and how close your direct relationship is between your potential other brothers or sisters.  DNA values can range depending on the type of test that is done and how many people are included in the total DNA profile  samples that the forensic laboratories have to work with.

There are different types of siblingship tests so it is important to know how you think you are related.  Do you have the same mother?  Do you have the same father?  However unlikely, is it possible there is an uncle involved?  All are important questions that help guide us to select the right siblingship test for your situation to ensure you get the most accurate and truthful result based upon proven scientific methodologies.

Full Siblingship is presumed that you will have the same mother and same father.  In this scenario you will have a either zero relationship (not related) or a relationship probability average of greater than 97.10%*.
*  In this scenario only the DNA from the brother and or sister is compared the DNA profiles. 

Half Siblingship test makes a determination with the supposition that you are related but that you do not share one of the same biological parents.  Half siblingship tests can vary in the level of probability on average of 90.20%.

Scenarios of a half siblingship test are:  Same Father and Different Mother or Same Mother and Different Father.  Brother/Sister and Half Brother or Sister

How To Improve the Values?

By adding additional known relatives it is possible to increase or decrease the level of probability of relationship.  By adding additional DNA profiles of other siblings or uncles or aunts it will increase the the amount of DNA getnetic information to allow the scientists of adjust the level of probability based upon the results.  It creates a stronger case when working with a half siblingship test since not a full DNA profile from both parents exist especially when missing the male side of the genetic profile.